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I’m not going to lie that when Alicia, the lovely manager at Snuggle Bugz in Ottawa, reached out to me to host an event at her store, my first instinct was to say no. Not because I didn’t want to, not because I didn’t know it was an amazing opportunity, but because I was scared of failure. I was nervous no one would show up, I was nervous about lighting and overall it would put me out of my comfort zone. I called my husband up, as I knew he would be a good sounding board in this decision. He told me to do a pro’s and con’s list and write out the costs as well as what the best case scenario and what would be the worst case scenario. He told me that at the end of the day, if no one showed up, the worst thing that would be effected would be my ego and well that could be fixed. 

With lots of deeps breaths and positive self talk I decided to go for it. I emailed her back and said YES and set the date for the session. The next month flew by and to say I wasn’t a little bit stressed was a bit of an understatement but if you know me, you know I’m a planner. I planned everything out weeks in advance and had backups for anything that could go wrong. Alicia told me the spots were filling up quickly and I was feeling good, dare I say even confident. It helped that I have two young girls so I didn’t have a lot of idle time to dwell on it.

Well the day before the event came and the nerves were started to get to me. Again the thoughts of self doubt started to creep up so I did what I usually do when I need support, I reached out to my sisters. They always know what to say and more importantly we aren’t the family to sugar coat. We are realists more than optimists which I always find helpful in these situations. They told me everything I needed to hear by what resonated the most with me was this. My sister said “Train your mind to imagine the best case scenario not the worst because the best case scenario is much more likely to happen. Imagine if Evie ( my oldest daughter) could see you tomorrow! How would you present yourself?” And that my friends was what I needed. My daughters are my everything. I often worry about the world they are growing up in and take it very seriously the very important role I will play in the confident woman they will become.  So I went to that event confident, I knew that I had put in the work and learn how to take beautiful photographs and that I could do this. 

And you know what?? The event went amazing. I met 12 families in 2 hours. I got babies to smile where the mothers said no other photographer has done that and I got only positive feedback from all the lovely families I met that day. So thank you Snuggle Bugz for reaching out, thank you for my husband for being practical and making me break things down, thank for to my sisters to being the best support a girl can ask for and finally thank you to the amazing families who trusted me with your beautiful babies! Here are a couple of my fav’s from the day!

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*Gillian is a Ottawa Newborn Photographer and Ottawa Family Photographer serving Ottawa and just outside of Ottawa. I live in Kanata with my husband and two young daughters who are the light of my life. I am a stay at home mom/mom photographer who  specializes in Ottawa Baby Photography and all things Family. I offer both Studio Newborn Photography and well as Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Ottawa. My goal is to capture the unique and beautiful connection of your family so you will have these memories to pass down to your children and grandchildren*

  1. April says:

    What precious baby photos! Love the one of the little girl in the basket.

  2. Mary Ann Graves says:

    What an amazing opportunity!! You are an amazing photographer and these photos are adorable!!!!!

  3. Maria says:

    These are gorgeous.

  4. Mandy says:

    Oh Gillian these are beautiful!! What great images you’ve captured for these families!!

  5. Alecs says:

    These photos just melt my heart!!

  6. Alissa Moore says:

    Awesome event! Beautiful photos

  7. I love the softness and freshness of the colors. Beautifully captured!

  8. Amy says:

    Beautiful! What lucky families to have such special pictures.

  9. Iris says:

    This is sooo cute

  10. Denise says:

    Adorable images of these little ones!

  11. Great photos! Glad it was a success!

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