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I wanted to write a blog post all about golden hour for my photography sessions in Ottawa. As a Ottawa Photographer, whenever I get inquiries about sessions, I always suggest the hour before sunset because the light is just incredible. The sun sets in the background and creates really stunning images. I have spent several years scouting out the best sunset locations for photography sessions in Ottawa so I will be able to provide you with quite a few options. 

Now, I am a mother to two young girls so trust me I know all about how that time is tricky for  young kids. What I usually suggest in these circumstances is you nap your kiddos later that day to accommodate a later bed time. Alternatively, you could do a sunrise session if you are blessed with early risers;) If these options don’t work, I suggest that you do what I do, wait until fall! In the fall the days are shorter so golden hour is around 6 pm depending on the month. You get the best of both worlds as you get those beautiful sunset pictures without having to keep your kiddos up late!

I wanted to share some of my favourite golden hour photos in Ottawa just so you can see how amazing that light really is. Trust me, it’s worth it for one day to go off schedule and get some incredible images. It really makes a difference!

Ottawa Newborn Photographer, Ottawa Family Photographer

*Gillian is a Ottawa Newborn Photographer and Ottawa Family Photographer serving Ottawa and just outside of Ottawa. I live in Kanata with my husband and two young daughters who are the light of my life. I am a stay at home mom/mom photographer who  specializes in Ottawa Baby Photography and all things Family. I offer both Studio Newborn Photography and well as Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Ottawa. My goal is to capture the unique and beautiful connection of your family so you will have these memories to pass down to your children and grandchildren*

  1. Gen says:

    Great blog and beautiful images.

  2. Qian says:

    Beautiful golden hour lighting!

  3. Jordyn says:

    Beautiful images! And what great info for clients!

  4. Katherine says:

    All of these are gorgeous! I think you could definitely convince people to schedule during golden hour with these. 😊

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