About Me

hey friend!

Thanks for visiting my home on the web! I'm Gillian and I started Gillian McColl Photography in 2013. I grew up seeing the world through a lens and my passion has always been to capture life's little moments.

Since becoming a wife and a mother, I've become increasingly interested in photographing motherhood. My specialty is working with families and newborns and capturing the love shared between a mother and child. My goal is to capture mom's doing what they do best, running the show and to capture the everyday moments that you never think to capture but are what what makes every family unique and special even when you can't see it. I know how often mom's are the ones behind the camera and are seldom in the frame and my goal is to change that. I spend a portion of each family session with just mom and her kiddos to really showcase the beauty that is motherhood. I also know that often the prep of a family session falls on the Mom so I help with styling and all the prep to ensure these sessions are stress free. I also a wonderful selection of outfits for both Mom and baby that my clients are welcome to use!

I live in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario, with my husband and three beautiful daughters, all of whom have been my muses in photography. Above all, I’m a mother to my three little ladies. They are the reason I pick up my camera every day; I love capturing those fleeting moments of childhood. 

I am excited to work with you and your family. It is my personal goal to ensure your moments are captured in a way that will allow you to relive that joy and love forever. 

i'm so glad you are here!

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xo - Melanie