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3D ultrasound is a great way to “meet” your growing baby while developing in the womb. See your baby’s first movements, growing limbs, and a hint of their personality as they wiggle and move on the ultrasound screen. These three Ottawa 3D ultrasound clinics provide spectacular services to families so they can get a sneak […]

Ottawa 3D Ultrasound Clinics for High-Definition Imagery

A mother-to-be in a red maternity dress walks down a park path lined with tall trees while holding hands with her husband ottawa 3d ultrasound clinics

Let’s be honest. The options for maternity clothes are not great. From weirdly cut t-shirts to tents that seem dedicated to hiding us from the rest of the world, it can be pretty frustrating to shop for clothes throughout these nine months. This is why I love stores that are dedicated to providing stylish clothes […]

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Hautemama Maternity for Well Made & Stylish Clothing for Moms

A mother to be kneels in a grassy field in a dark maternity dress surrounded by tall grass hautemama

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Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are challenging times for women, so why not add another person to your support team to provide additional help, education, and encouragement? A doula just does that and can physically and emotionally support women and their partners during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. The Ottawa doulas at these three practices ensure […]

Ottawa Doulas Providing Excellent Support & Resources

newborn baby laying on a bed with eyes wide open ottawa doulas

For women experiencing a standard, low-risk pregnancy, accessing the care of a midwife can be a great addition to her support team. A midwife specializes in women’s reproductive health and childbirth, able to provide care throughout pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and the postpartum recovery period. Midwives can provide specialty care for low-risk women, supporting […]

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Ottawa Midwives Providing Patient-Focused Pregnancy Care

Mother to be stands amongst tall grasses in a maternity gown while holding her bump ottawa midwives

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How and where you give birth matters. Hospital births aren’t for everyone, but some may hesitate to try a home birth. Birth centres are specially designed facilities where families can receive prenatal care and experience holistic labour and delivery accompanied by highly trained and qualified midwives. The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre commits to caring […]

Ottawa Birthing Centre for Pregnant Moms; Safe & Comfortable Delivery Room

newborn twins sleep in a basket wearing brown onesies Ottawa Birthing Centre

When it comes to the world of maternity wear, the world is now every pregnant woman’s oyster. Gone are the days of shopping in a specialty maternity store or the cramped department of a big box chain. Instead, maternity wardrobes have become versatile with fun and elegant flowy pieces that you can still wear and […]

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Ottawa Maternity Stores for Fashionable and Versatile Clothing!

mom to be in champagne maternity gown in the woods Ottawa Maternity Stores

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tangible, stunning memories that you'll treasure for years to come

All of my sessions come with print credits towards the album and print options of your choosing. From fine art heirloom albums to framed prints and keepsake boxes, you're sure to receive something elegant and timeless.


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