Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

Choosing to give birth at a birth center can provide a more calm, family-focused environment to welcome a new baby into the world. As opposed to a sterile, cold hospital birth, birth centers are often warm and welcoming, with amenities to make the setting feel just like home. At Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, families can rest assured that they will be empowered to have the best possible birthing experience. 

About the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

2260 Walkley Road

Ottawa, ON K1G 6A8

The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre is a midwife-guided birth and wellness center in southeast Ottawa, serving families in the area with a wide variety of maternal and infant services. Ottawa parents and newborns can enjoy an array of services, including prenatal care, labor and delivery support, breastfeeding assistance, and educational programs. 

This center has been in operation since 2014 and has welcomed countless families into a safe community since then. Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre offers high-quality services to families across the Ottawa region. OBWC values care, compassion, integrity, respect, excellence, collaboration, accountability, and positivity.


Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre offers warm, safe, trustworthy, empowering healthcare services to families in the Ottawa area. This is a midwife-led, community-based facility offering a safe, comfortable, family-centered environment where parents can welcome their baby into the world.

Birthing suites are large and comfortable, with plenty of options for customization during labor and delivery. Private, well-equipped suites feature soft lighting, cozy fireplaces, queen-sized beds, comfortable linens, Bluetooth speakers, large bathtubs, suspended slings, a full bathroom, birthing balls, birth stools, and all equipment that might be needed to ensure a safe labor and delivery. 

Tubs are also available for labor and giving birth. Water birth is respected at Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. Additionally, each tub is deep and spacious, with lots of room for mobility and even allowing partners to be in the tub as well. 

Pain relief options include nitrous oxide, sterile water injections, TENS machines, and other support during labor, including suspended slings, peanut balls, birth stools, and birthing balls. Epidurals and narcotics are not available. 


In the case that complications arise, midwives can recommend transfer to a local hospital. The majority of hospital transfers are non-urgent and typically involve long labor or access to other pain relief options. 

The Wellness Centre offers a wide range of classes and services for families as they embark on their parenting journey. Services are available for every stage of parenthood, from pregnancy to childbirth, to postpartum. Wellness Centre classes are offered to the Ottawa community, regardless of care provider or birth location. Classes are also offered on a variety of topics and are constantly being added to the calendar!  

Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

A birth center gives patients a place to move around and feel comfortable during labor and delivery. Under the specialized care of the midwife team at Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, families can birth their babies in the way that they choose, using holistic, minimally-invasive techniques. Families can feel empowered to have an amazing birth experience at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. 

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