Ottawa Midwives Providing Patient-Focused Pregnancy Care

For women experiencing a standard, low-risk pregnancy, accessing the care of a midwife can be a great addition to her support team. A midwife specializes in women’s reproductive health and childbirth, able to provide care throughout pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and the postpartum recovery period. Midwives can provide specialty care for low-risk women, supporting and empowering them to have the best pregnancy and childbirth outcomes. These Ottawa midwives at these three practices offer exceptional support to women in the community. 

3 Midwives Providing Compassionate & Comforting Pregnancy Care

mother in a lace dress cuddles her newborn on a bed

Community Midwives of Ottawa

2260 Walkley Road Unit 101

Ottawa, ON K1G 6A8

Community Midwives of Ottawa provide comprehensive care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. Midwives provide excellent prenatal care that includes ordering lab tests and ultrasounds. A midwife can attend a patient’s home or hospital birth (at Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre or The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus) and provide primary care and emergency care, including neonatal resuscitation and water birth. 

Care continues postpartum, as midwives care for parents and their babies six weeks after delivery. Midwives conduct visits in the comfort of a patient’s home or clinic, including physical exams and breastfeeding support. Midwives support all stages of the journey to parenthood.

Mother to be stands in a maternity gown in a snowy path in the woods ottawa midwives

Ottawa Valley Midwives

Unit 244-2039 Robertson Road

Ottawa, ON K2H 8R2

Ottawa Valley Midwives is a group of 12 registered midwives who provide patient-focused, individualized care to healthy, low-risk people and their families throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery. With two convenient locations, it’s easy to access exceptional care from Ottawa Valley Midwives. 

Midwives provide care during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Midwives are available all hours of the day and night to answer questions and provide support. Hence, women and their families feel empowered, informed, and valued. Whether patients choose a hospital birth or a home birth, midwives are ready to provide excellent support, care, and encouragement during childbirth. 

Midwives continue to care for women and their families during the first six weeks postpartum, as a woman heals from delivery and learns to care for her newborn. Midwives can provide breastfeeding support, as well as physical and emotional support for mothers. 

mother in a white lace dress sits in a nursery chair holding newborn under a window

Midwifery Group of Ottawa

265 Carling Ave

Suite 700

Ottawa, ON K1N 2E1

Midwifery Group of Ottawa is a team of midwives motivated to provide safe, compassionate support throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, providing exceptional care to families in the Ottawa region. Services are free for Ontario residents, and all families are respected and valued. Midwives are authorized to order lab work, ultrasounds, and write prescriptions. 

Each patient’s midwife walks them through their options, offering evidenced-based education and research for decisions ranging from testing to medications to ultrasounds. Midwives support and monitor women’s health during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the first six weeks postpartum. 

Patients are encouraged to give birth where they are most comfortable, whether at a hospital like Montfort Hospital, a birth center like the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, or in their own homes.

A couple stand on the edge of a river in the woods while holding soon to be mother's bump ottawa midwives

Ottawa Midwives

Midwives provide exceptional care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. As opposed to a traditional doctor or team of doctors, midwives offer compassionate, patient-focused care throughout the pregnancy journey and beyond, offering an alternative to standard prenatal care. Midwives provide support during labor, delivery, and even postpartum recovery. The Ottawa midwives in these three groups provide women and their families exceptional, family-centered support as they journey into parenthood.  

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  5. Ashlie says:

    I love Midwifery care! I had the most amazing team of midwives at my baby’s birth and loved that they came to our house for check ups in those first couple of weeks postpartum. Amazing support for any new parents. Oh, and these images are stunning!

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    This is an amazing resource for local moms. And these photos are just stunning! Thank you for sharing!

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  11. Charis says:

    Such a great resource for those wishing to use a midwife. Midwives can be such a vital part of a good birth experience.

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  13. […] Ottawa Midwives Providing Patient-Focused Pregnancy Care […]

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