Ottawa Prenatal Yoga Classes With Great Benefits & Communities

When it comes to taking care of yourself while pregnant, prenatal yoga is an incredible tool. Whether physically stretching tight muscles and learning helpful poses to alleviate tension, practicing meditation and calming breathing techniques, or building a community of like-minded mamas-to-be, prenatal yoga benefits the mind, body, and soul. These Ottawa prenatal yoga offerings are designed to assist you on your journey to motherhood. 

3 Ottawa Prenatal Yoga Studios Focusing On Beneficial Flows & Workouts

A newborn baby sleeps on its side in a tan onesie among matching knit blankets ottawa prenatal yoga

Integrate Healthcare Collective

Integrative Healthcare Collective is more than a yoga studio; it’s a team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, massage therapists, naturopaths, clinic psychologists, and athletic therapists. Their commitment to wellness touches every one of their clients beyond simply relieving symptoms. They focus on the journey of healing, promoting overall health. 

Integrate Healthcare Collective’s Prenatal PhysioYoga program is designed to:

  • help you navigate pregnancy, and
  • prepare your mind and body for labor and delivery!

Whichever trimester you are in, their breathwork, mindful movement, and restorative poses will help you maintain strength and mobility throughout your pregnancy. Their instructor, Shelagh Haynes, is a pelvic health physiotherapist and a certified yoga instructor. The 6-week series class stays intimately small, so you can get the attentive care you need to thrive. 

A brother and sister sit on a couch together while holding and cuddling their newborn sibling

Inner Soul

Inner Soul’s vision is rooted in its dedication to creating a safe, judgment-free space! Even if you’ve never practiced, there is an open mat for you at Inner Soul. Their trained and talented instructors will help you get the most out of your workout, whatever your level of ability or experience. Inner Soul’s Prenatal Yoga Series is a 4-week series about “prenatal practice, not perfection.” 

After all, sometimes just showing up means you’ve won the battle! Instructor Shannon Parker, specially certified in Pre/Postnatal Yoga, leads these small classes. Her passion is helping new mamas find their space within yoga and connect to their bodies throughout their pregnancy. 

Specially curated poses will help to:

  • ease joints,
  • strengthen muscles, and
  • help you relax and focus as your due date draws near.

Their sunny studio is the perfect place to unwind with other expectant moms-to-be and enjoy peace of mind throughout this fabulous phase of life.

A newborn baby sleeps in a beige onesie on a tan leather ottoman with blankets ottawa prenatal yoga

PranaShanti Yoga Centre

PranaShanti Yoga Centre’s mission is “to create an oasis in the City of Ottawa for the practice of yoga and meditation in a diversity of methods.” Everyone is welcome at their studio, a soothing space where everyone can explore their personal connections to their minds, bodies, and spirits. PranaShanti’s teachers have devoted their careers to sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation through classes, workshops, and wellness services. 

An added bonus for some, PranaShanti’s studios are completely mirrorless. Hence, you can focus on your internal journey rather than external comparison. Their 6-week prenatal series will help you explore:

  • breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • postures that can benefit your pregnancy, and
  • meditation skills that can help throughout labor and childbirth. 

Each week, you’ll also talk about pelvic health, pain management, stability, and birth positions. With PranaShanti, you’ll learn to care for yourself, build a community of expectant mamas like yourself, and enjoy every moment of your practice. 

A family of five cuddles on a couch next to a large window with their newborn baby in the middle ottawa prenatal yoga

Ottawa Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a simple way to invest in mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Check out these Ottawa prenatal yoga offerings to see if one may be the right fit for you on your journey!

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  2. Molly says:

    Self-care is so, so important, especially while pregnant. I love that you’ve provided these resources for expecting mamas in your area.

  3. Love these lifestyle photos but I also love all the information on prenatal yoga.

  4. I wish I had taken more prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with my second – it made such a big difference with my first! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Becky L. says:

    Oh man…these photos are gorgeous! And what a fantastic resource on prenatal yoga! Thanks for the info.

  6. Lisa H says:

    Prenatal yoga classes helped me feel well and strong throughout pregnancy! Definitely recommend!

  7. Courtney says:

    Big yoga fan! This is a great resource for moms!

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